Legal acts in place related to the EIPP


Order no: 749 date 19.12.2018 “Regarding the establishment, organization and functioning of the state structures responsible for the development of negotiations and the completion of the accession treaty of the Republic of Albania to European Union”. This document approved by the Council of Ministers was outlined pursuant to Article 100 of the Constitution, based on the proposal of the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs the Council of Ministers. One of the listed structures is the EIPP.


The Prime Minister Order 113/2019 date 30.08.2019 “On the forms of participation, modus operandi and institutional structure of The European Integration Partnership Platform (EIPP).” This document was created pursuant to point 3, article 102, of the Constitution and point 3, chapter IX, of the decision no.749, dated 19.12.2018 of the Council of Ministers “On the establishment, organization and functioning of the state structure responsible for conducting the negotiations and concluding the Accession Treaty of the Republic of Albania in the European Union. The EIPP is organized with two levels of representation: The Governing Board, which directs the platform and 33 discussion roundtables, which are created analogously to the chapters of the “acquis” of the European Union.


The Prime Minister Order No.94 date 20.05.2019 “On the establishment, structure and functioning of inter-institutional working groups for European integration” 33 inter-institutional working groups have been established for 33 negotiating chapters. Inter-Institutional Working Groups (IIWG) are responsible to prepare action plans for each chapter and their heads should also chair the consultation tables of the EIPP.


The National Plan for European Integration (PKIE) is a document prepared by the Albanian government within the process of Albania’s integration into the European Union. It includes the priorities regarding the approximation of legislation, the leading ministries that will get involved, the degree of legal harmonization as well as dates of approval during a period of 3 years. These acts align with EU directives and regulations as well as with the best European and international standards. It updates the responsible structures and their tasks considering the legal and institutional framework for the accession negotiation process. PKIE is structured in four main parts: the first part provides a brief description of the EU membership process, structures and details about PKIE. The second part presents the current situation and the latest achievements in matters related to the Political Criteria. This section also includes achievements in meeting key priorities as set by the European Council. The third part summarizes the issues related to the Economic Criteria focusing on macroeconomic situation, financial stability, etc. the last part is the planning part of the PKIE, divided into 33 responsive chapters.