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A ministry/institution may be responsible for one or more chapters hence Inter-Institutional groups, which conveys to 33 the roundtables. Each lead institution publishes Open Calls targeting stakeholders to participate into the Partnership Roundtables. The Acquis adaptation has policy choices; therefore, the stakeholders and the chosen members should get involved and represent their own interests in the political decisions. They should use their expertise and background knowledge to provide solutions and options for optimal results. In general, there has been a relatively poor response for the setup of the Partnership Roundtables due to many factors, ranging from the lack of visibility and the awareness to poor interest shown by the stakeholders as well as going through a pandemic. State institutions should use a more proactive modus operandi to encourage greater involvement.



Chapter 1 (Free movement of goods);

Chapter 2 (Freedom of movement for workers)

Chapter 3 (Right of establishment and freedom to provide services)

Chapter 6 (Company Law)

Chapter 7 (Intellectual property law)

Chapter 16 (Taxation)

Chapter 20 (Enterprise and industrial policy)

Chapter 28 (Consumer and health protection)

Chapter 29 (Customs Union)

Chapter 30 (External relations)

Chapter 32 (Financial Control)

Chapter 33 (Financial and Budgetary provisions)

The economic criteria

The Ministry of Finances and Economy (MFE)


Chapter 22 (Regional Policy and coordination of structural instruments

Chapter 31 (Foreign, security and defense policy)


The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs



Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights)


The Ministry of Justice
Chapter 25 (Science and Research)

Chapter 26 (Education and culture)


Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth


Chapter 10 (Information society and media)

Chapter 14 (Transport policy)

Chapter 15 (Energy)

Chapter 21 (Trans-European Network)


The Ministry of Infrastructure and energy (MIE)


Chapter 11 (Agriculture and rural development)

Chapter 12 (Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy)

Chapter 13 (Fisheries)


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


Chapter 19 (Social policy and employment)


Ministry of Health and Social Protection


Chapter 24 (Justice, freedom, security)


Ministry of Internal Affairs


Chapter 27 (Environment)


Ministry of Tourism and Environment


Chapter 4 (Free movement of Capital)

Chapter 17 ( Economic and monetary policy)


Bank of Albania


Chapter 5 (Public Procurement)


Public Procurement Agency


Chapter 8 (Competition policy)


Competition Authority of Albania


Chapter 9 (Financial services)


Financial Supervisory Authority


Chapter 18 (Statistics)