Support to prioritization and planning

An important part of the SEI project is to assist prioritization of law harmonization and European
integration in general.

In a wider quest to assist preparation for bilateral screening, since July 2021 the project has embarked
on exploration of possible priorities in 11 chapters under its cover. A particular note on the logic of
prioritization has been prepared. You can find it here.

This note addresses the logic of regulatory approximation with the EU acquis. It looks into different
attempts to conceptualize regulatory convergence and the logic of prioritization. It also analyses
different logics used to prioritize legal harmonization. A developmental cost-benefit analysis-based
approach towards law harmonization is proposed. Thus, the use of RIAs and broader sectoral
assessments and their sources is explored there.

Prioritization will feed in the process of the planning of European integration via an updated National
Plan of European Integration. You can find it here.

In the context of preparation of the National Plan for European Integration (NPEI) the project
“SUPPORT TO EU INTEGRATION PROCESS OF ALBANIA” (SEI) organised a workshop about the priorities
of European Integration on November 4, 2021.

SEI project has mobilised 18 sectorial experts in 11 chapters (2,5,7,11,14,15,18,19,23,24 and 32) covered
by the project, including the Cluster of Fundamentals, to prepare their suggestions for priorities in the
coming three years. They were presented to the state institutions and civil society.

In a special session devoted to civil society participation, the guidelines on better engaging non-state
actors have been presented and discussed.

For more detailed information please consult these presentations using the links copied below:

01. Chapters 2, 5, 7

02. Chapter 11

03. Chapter 14

04. Chapter 15

05. Chapter 19

06. Chapter 18

07. Chapter23&24

08. Chapter 32

09. Guidelines on engagement with the civil society